Book Tour: Pope Francis in His Own Words

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Yes, yes, I know: Pope Francis in His Own Words was published two years ago.

So why am I starting a book tour of sorts right now?

Well, as you’re probably aware, Pope Francis will be visiting Cuba and the United States next month, and it seems like a prime time to reintroduce the book to English- and Spanish-speaking audiences (did you know the book has been translated into about 15 languages?). Plus, I received a few lovely invitations to do so, and I couldn’t turn them down.

If you’re in one of the cities below, I hope you’ll spread the word and join me at one (or more!) of these events:

Decatur Book Festival: Decatur, Georgia, USA
I’m grateful to my alma mater, Emory University, for inviting me to participate in this beloved book festival. I’ll be signing books in the Emory tent from 3-4 pm on Saturday, September 5. I’ll have a very limited number of foreign language editions of the book as well.

Brooklyn Book Festival, Bookend Event Series: Brooklyn, New York, USA
Before I head out of the country to cover Pope Francis’s visit in Cuba, I’ll be talking about the book and signing copies as part of the Brooklyn Book Festival. My generous host is the delightful Hullabaloo Books, and I couldn’t think of a better bookstore to have a conversation about Pope Francis. This is an Official Brooklyn Book Festival Bookend Event. I’ll have a very limited number of foreign language editions of the book as well.

This event will take place at 8 pm on Tuesday, September 15.

Cuba Libro Bookstore: Havana, Cuba
I’m so excited that I’ll have the chance to talk about the book the day before Pope Francis will be giving his mass at Plaza de la Revolución in Havana.

This event will take place at 5 pm on Saturday, September 19.

NEW: Our US publisher, New World Library, is offering a 50% discount off online orders of Pope Francis in His Own Words throughout September. Buy the book through their site using the discount code “pope” (no quotes, not case-sensitive) and you’ll get the book at half-price. Buy the book here.

Would you like to add Pope Francis in His Own Words to your bookshelf or inventory? Need a speaker or expert to interview about the Pope? Get in touch by emailing me: writingjulie[at]gmail[dot]com!

New World Library Offers 40% off Books, Including “Pope Francis in His Own Words”

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Julie Schwietert Collazo
I’ve tried not to talk about Pope Francis in His Own Words too much, as I find endless self-promotion an extremely unbecoming trait, but since it’s the holidays and our publisher, New World Library, is offering a deep discount on its entire catalog of books, including the Pope book, I figured I could talk about it for a minute.

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The book has now been published in Croatian, Dutch, German, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, Spanish, and Portuguese. I’m probably forgetting at least one international edition. The Italian edition is doing particularly well–it has been a bestseller in Italy, where it’s sold under the lovely (translated) title, The Gospel of the Smile.

New World Library is selling the US edition at a 40% discount now through December 13 when you buy the book on their website. Every book in their inventory will be sold at the same discounted rate, so stock up for the book lovers on your holiday list. Enter code “NWLDec” at check out.

Happy holidays!

My First Published Book is about… the Pope

Text: Julie Schwietert Collazo
Photo via Flickr Creative Commons
I can finally share some news I’ve been sitting on for a few weeks: I’m having a book published!

Jorge Mario Bergoglio, now Pope Francis.
Jorge Mario Bergoglio, now Pope Francis.

If I ever indulged any fantasies about the subject of my first book,* I can absolutely guarantee you that I never ever imagined I’d be writing about… the Pope.

Not for my first book.

Not ever.

But life is funny that way. Opportunities arise, curiosity is sparked, and off you go on an adventure you never imagined you’d have.

That adventure’s even better when you have a partner, and in this project, mine has been my friend, writer Lisa Rogak, who invited me to work on this book with her. It’s been a wild few weeks, during which I have read nearly every homily, speech, letter, and book Jorge Mario Bergoglio–now, Pope Francis– has written in Spanish since 1999. Lisa has done the same for English-language interviews and post-conclave homilies.

The result of this immersion in the Pope’s body of writing is our book, Pope Francis in His Own Words, being published by HarperCollins in the UK and by New World Library in the US. You can pre-order the US edition here and the UK edition here. If you’re in another part of the world, don’t worry! A number of countries have signed on to publish their own editions; these currently include Brazil, Croatia, Germany, Italy, Portugal, and Spain, with more to come.

I suppose I'm forever linked to Pope Francis now....
I suppose I’m forever linked to Pope Francis now….

I’m also thrilled that this book project involved Francisco in much more than his behind-the-scenes role of keeping me sane during (and, especially, after) bleary-eyed all-nighters. He was instrumental in translating from Spanish to English with me (and in translating from English to Spanish, as we’ve delivered a Spanish-language manuscript to our publisher in Spain). For his hard work, he’ll be receiving a publication credit as translator.

I’ll be writing more about the who, what, when, where, why, and how of this book’s incredibly quick evolution on my writing and editing blog, Cuaderno Inedito, so if you’re interested in the back story (including why I was asked to work on this project and why I enjoyed it so much), then check that out in the next few days.

*Honestly, I’m not sure I ever have; I’ve long been told by many folks, “You should write a book!”, but for just as long, I’ve held the conviction that being able to tell some good stories doesn’t necessarily mean you should write a book.