What I’ll Miss About Boston… & What You Should Visit

Today’s post is by Matt Kepnes, world traveler and writer. Matt, who is from Boston, is setting off on his next big adventure this week. In this article, he reflects on what he’ll miss about Boston, and gives you an insider’s look at the must-visit sites in his home city.

It’s a matter of days before I leave Boston again. In 2006, I left for a year of adventure. Now, six months after I came home, I’m leaving again- this time for much longer. Except for sporadic visits to see my parents, I doubt I’ll live here again.

I love Boston. It has a lot to offer, to see, and to do. It remains one of my favorite cities in the world. I’ve just outgrown living here. But there are a lot of things I’ll miss:

Eating on Newbury St.

Newbury St. is famous for its luxurious shops and fine dining. In the summer time there is nothing better than pulling up a table outside and eating at one of the many great restaurants as the people go by. From the beginning of summer until its end, you can find me here.

Bar Hopping Allston

Allston is the college, young adult area of Boston and many of my friends live here. Every weekend we go out and bar hop. It won’t be the same without witnessing their crazy antics week after week. Even if the bars sometimes get boring, my friends never do.

Sushi Dinners

I know you can get sushi anywhere, but Boston has some of the best restaurants in the world and I love eating here. More importantly, I love eating with my two friends, Ashley and Fran, who are just as die hard about sushi as I am. I can always count on one of them to go and satisfy a sushi craving with me.

Eating in Faneuil Hall

Boston’s historic Faneuil Hall has been a center for eating and partying since its creation. It’s home to Quincy Market, a long hall filled with dozens of little restaurants. I love to pick up lunch and head outside to watch the crowds and street performers. It’s a good way to enjoy a nice day and watch the tourists stare blankly at their maps.

Legal Seafoods

Legal’s is a Boston institution. Its seafood is amazing and I love eating there. You’ll never get a bad meal at Legal Seafoods. There’s nothing like it in the world- its atmosphere, staff, and great calamari! I’m hungry already. Too bad it’s a little expensive.

Summer in the Commons

Boston Common is the city’s downtown green space. I love just sitting there, reading, taking a nap, or playing some sports. Great way to lazily spend the day.

Relaxing at the beach

The beaches around the city may not be the best in the world, but they are good nonetheless. Great sand, warm water (on a good day) and good restaurants on the boardwalks. I love pigging out on fried clams while getting a nice tan.

Hikes outside the city

Boston is surrounded by parks that provide amazing hiking opportunities. Every summer my friends and I head to Breakheart Reservation or Lynn Woods to spend the day hiking around and swimming in the lakes.

Free Concerts

Every year, the city has a series of free concerts right by the Charles River. Crowds descend on the riverbank bringing food and drink, sit in the sun, and listen to the tunes all day. I’ve seen countless bands there and it’s a great (free) summer activity.

What do you like to do in Boston? Submit your favorite places in the comments!
Read more of Matt’s work on his website, www.nomadicmatt.com. In particular, check out his interview with Lonely Planet guidebook writer, Leif Petterson.

Boston skyline photo: Pear Biter (creative commons)

Boston Common photo: Foraggio Fotographic (creative commons)

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