Nicaragua in a Few Photos

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Julie Schwietert Collazo
I’ve left fashion and design behind in Managua, setting out first to the west (Leon) and then to the east (Granada) to see what I can see of Nicaragua in just a few days.

My brain is on information overload and I have a hundred questions, at least, but for now, I’m just taking in as much as I can.

Nicaragua Photo Collage.
Nicaragua Photo Collage.

Photo Descriptions:
Lion’s head door knocker in Leon, Nicaragua.

Bell of La Catedral Metropolitana de Leon, Nicaragua.

Water vendor with “Madonna! Madonna! Madonna!” cap. (Yes, he actually likes Madonna).

Cigar rollers at Dona Elba Cigars in Granada, Nicaragua.

El hombre Sandino. Statue at Loma de Tiscapa in Managua, Nicaragua.

To see more photos from Nicaragua, check out my Nicaragua gallery on Flickr.

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